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Weekly Photo Challenge: SELF-PORTRAIT

The instruction for this week’s photo challenge is that one should take a picture of one’s self, however way he wants to express  himself.





Weekly Photo Challenge: CELEBRATION

Last June, I celebrated my birthday with a visit to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Marilao, Bulacan Philippines. For me, to thank the Lord for this gift of life is the best way of celebrating natal day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: WAITING

A son patiently waiting for Daddy…


Weekly Photo Challenge: FAMILY (Day 10 at Yas Island)

I was so glad when I found out that this week’s WordPress photo challenge is about “FAMILY.” I was about to post the sequel to the series of my Yas Island adventure, and Day 10 was really about “family.”

I invited my wife and son to come over and join me here in Yas Island. Since I arrived here, I had been wishing they were here with me enjoying the sights, the food. And since my work here as a paramedic for Formula 1 has been completed, I decided to bring them over to let them experience Yas Island too.

They left home around 9am and reached Yas Island by around 1pm.

With Mom and Inigo at the hotel lobby.

Lunch @ Jing Asia

 Mommy having a hard time at the desserts bar.


 Mom’s Pisces. Inigo and I are Crabs. The three of us are water people.

I like the effect of the fountain on this shot 🙂


Behind us is the Yas Visceroy Hotel and the blue race track is part of the Yas Marina Circuit. Yas Visceroy Hotel is a 5-star hotel with a unique design that was set half on land and half on water. It is the only hotel in the world located inside a Formula 1 circuit, with the racetrack passing through under the structure.

My son couldn’t believe that Formula 1 race cars are for real. They only have them as toys. It’s his first time to see them in real action.


Ferrari World is the world’s largest indoor themepark. It is also the home of the “Formula Rossa” , the world’s fastest roller coaster.

“Can we bring this home, Dad?”

The boys drooling over Ferrari cars.


 After Ferrari World, we visited the newly opened IKEA shop here in Yas Island. After that was a nice dinner at Jing Asia, and a relaxing evening stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel. And there goes my FAMILY day. I hope you enjoyed the pics. Watch out for the sequel (Day 11 at Yas Island).

Thanks for your time!


Weekly Photo Challenge: BREAKFAST

Breakfasts at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Yas Island.


Weekly Photo Challenge: HIDDEN

This week’s photo challenge is dedicated to my father who recently passed away and, in celebration of All Soul’s Day on November 2.

A night before my Dad’s funeral, I discovered two little creatures hiding among the bouquet of flowers beside his coffin.

This brown butterfly was clinging on one of the lamps.

A dragonfly was on a stalk and seemed like smiling.

It was the last wake night. There were so many people who came in to give their last respect to my Dad. But only a few noticed these two guards sitting on both sides of the coffin. They were hiding among the flowers.

According to the old folks, these creatures  were not really insects. They were angels who were tasked to fetch my Dad and guide him through the Light. I am sure many people out there would argue as to this is true or not. But this is just one of the superstitions in our place. I don’t believe in a lot of superstitions, but I want to believe on this one. I want to believe that my Dad has been fetched by these two angels, and so at this very moment, he should be in the safe hands of the Lord.

Love you, Dad.


Check out my eulogy for my Dad HERE.


Weekly Photo Challenge: OPPORTUNITY

This week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge theme is OPPORTUNITY.




It was already my son’s 3rd day in school on these pics. It was very difficult to prep him up in the morning. He didn’t want to get up from bed. He didn’t want to take a bath. He didn’t want to wear his uniform. In short, he didn’t want to go to school. He was constantly crying, just the thought that he was going to school.

I couldn’t blame him. He was not used to being away from his parents. For the last three years, we would always be there for him. His food would always be ready. We would always be there to assist him, to protect him. And now, he would be out there in school, far away from his parents.

As a parent, it actually hurts that I have to send him away, coz I always wanted him near. I always wanted him to be within our sight, because we knew he’s still unable to help and protect himself. And that being away, he might not get help when he needed it,  that he might fall or hurt himself or another boy would push him, and that he’s going to be hurt. Or he might just be alone in one corner that nobody would play with him.

But loving one’s child doesn’t always mean that he should always be within our sight, within our reach. Loving your son/daughter means allowing him to explore the life out there, making him independent to prepare him for more challenges in the future. Loving him means giving him the OPPORTUNITY to let him use his little wings to fly. He might fall or stumble along the way, but that will always be part of his learning process.

And so I am keeping a promise for my son – that although it would hurt to just be on the sideline, and on standby – he will always be allowed to explore the life out there on his own, with kind persuasions and guidance from his parents. He can choose to be whatever he wanted to be, and his independence and sense of self will always be respected.

Yes, we will not be there for him always. And that’s because we love him and we wanted him to grow up with character.


Weekly Photo Challenge: POSSIBILITY

Is “Like-father-like-son” possible even on sleep?

Photography by Mommy 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: FLOWERS

Whew! It’s been a while since I really wrote something. If you would notice, my posts for the last two months were merely reposts for “Inspirational Sundays”. This is because the last two months have been a busy time for me, but I would not want to miss a week not posting anything. That’s the reason why “Inspirational Sundays” was born.

My schedules are slowly getting better, so I guess I will be able to write something meaty again in the next few days. Here goes another comeback – the “Weekly Photo Challenge” whose themes are provided weekly by WordPress. The theme is released on Fridays, but to allow me to dig in to my files,the posts will be out on Saturdays here at Digital Catharsis. Clicking the “photographer image” on your left-hand side will bring you to the previous weekly photo challenge posts.

This week’s theme is “FLOWERS”.

These pictures were taken last January during spring time here in Al Ain. This was at Al Ain Paradise, and this garden was included in this year’s Guinness Book of World Records for holding the largest display of hanging flowers in the world. I have a previous post about this HERE.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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