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And the Winner is….

So today is the day I promised to announce who the winner will be for our “Birthday Giveaway.” Isn’t it exciting???

Well, before I reveal who the winner is,  allow me to thank all those who participated, especially those who really put their time and effort in collecting the points in order to win. I know how difficult it is to get through the different pages. Sometimes, I would take note of the time the first comment was placed, and the last time that same person commented. I would notice that some really spent hours on this site jumping from one article to the next. Thank you so much and I appreciate everything.

But of course, I know that the participant was looking forward to get the prize, and that was a motivating force ūüôā

Anyhow, I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts, and commenting at the same time. I am sure you got to know me more through my writing, and I wish this has started friendship amongst us. Thank you all for your time and I hope you guys comeback to visit – with or without prize.

It was really tough counting all the points and I have to get through all the sites submitted. I started counting when I was in Abu Dhabi some weeks back and finished here in the Philippines. It was a tedious process! Sorry that I have to disqualify some entries, like redundant reposts on the same blog site, redundant comments etc. I had to be fair with everybody, and to tell you frankly, I don’t know any of the participants personally. The blogger friends I know decided not to join.

So much of the talking now. I am sure you are all excited to know who’s our lucky participant. She’s the one who earned the most number of points. She’s none other than (drum roll, please…)


Congratulations, Kayce! You did a very good job! Actually I did not count some of your double comments, but you still ended up as the highest scorer. Well done. You will be contacted shortly for your hundred dollar bucks!

And guess what… I decided to give TWO runners up a prize also. I found they did very well also and I couldn’t just ignore their efforts. And they made it very close to Kayce. So do you want to know who these two are? They are…




Congratulations! You will also be receiving surprise gifts (but not hundred bucks anymore, ha!) and I will notify you shortly about it.


So that’s about it guys! Thank you all for joining. I’m typing as quickly as I can because it’s almost 2am here. As you all know, I’m on a vacation to the Philippines so I am quite busy going around. But I tried my best counting the points in between ūüôā

Congratulations to the winners!


3rd Contest Update

Hi guys, allow me to give you the third and final update for our “Birthday Give-away”. As you all know we are on the last days of our contest, and only 3 days remain before the contest closes. I am so happy with how the contest is turning out. So many participated, and new friendships within the blogosphere started.

I was planning to give an update last 21st, but I was not able to complete my counting in time for the ending of the 3rd week. As you all know, I was busy during those times preparing for my vacation.

Guess what… I am in the Philippines already! I left UAE last afternoon of 23rd and made it to Hongkong yesterday early morning. I was in Manila by lunch time yesterday.

Surprisingly, a new name appeared on our top post. She joined during the second week, but her points that time didn’t make her to the top 5. But because of her persistence to win, she accumulated so much points and made it to the number one post. Here’s the top 3:




This is still not the final tally so there’s no reason to be disappointed as yet. Only a few days left so better collect your points the soonest! Remember, only ONE gets to win a hundred dollar bucks!

So good luck, guys! May the best blogger wins!


2nd Contest Update

Hi everyone!

I am very happy because my Birthday Giveaway is doing quite well. So many have joined and that meant gaining new friends! Welcome to my world, guys! I hope you enjoy the contest, as well as hopping along the different posts on this site.

I found that the participants were using different techniques to gain points. Some were using all of their blog sites (5 points per reblog on each site), while some just comment and comment as much as they can (3 points per comment). Whatever your style is, it does not matter as long as the site activity has a point equivalent.

May I remind some who has not ‘verified/confirmed’ their subscription through email. If it’s not ‘verified’, the email does not appear on my subscription list, therefore, you lose that 4 points.

And as I have mentioned before, clicking the FB “like” button does not get any point.

Commenting on latest posts give you 3 points.


This week I’m giving you the top 5 bloggers who have received the most number of points. They are:

1.  KAYCE  takes the lead this week by mobilizing all her blogs, and posting comments. She only started a few days back. Well done, Kayce!

2.¬† JARED’s MUM was on top last week, but moved to second place this week. She’s just a few points behind Kayce though, so I’m sure she’ll do something about it. She participated with one blog only, but she posted so many comments on the old posts.

3.  KAT also just joined a few days ago, but she made it to the top 3 already. She has several blogs and posted a couple of comments.

4.  SHENGKAY was on second place last week, but her inactivity for the last week, made her lost her grip to the second position. She has joined in with 2 blogs.

5.  IMRIZ1 was on the third place last week but slowly moved to the fifth place. She own several blogs too.

Ooops! Kayce is not a winner yet, okay?! The final tallying is going to be on the 28th and the participant with the most number of points collected by that date will be declared the winner.

We still have 2 weeks before the contest closes, so everyone still have the chance to beat KAYCE to own that hundred dollar bucks ūüôā


Thanks to everyone who joined! How I wish everybody receives a hundred dollar bucks, but there should only be ONE winner. I hope it’s going to be YOU!

Good luck, everyone! May the best blogger wins!


Contest Update

My internet service was off for two days, then I got busy with night-shift work for another¬†two days, so I was basically unable to check what was happening to the contest during these last few days. The last time I was online, I wasn’t sure about continuing this birthday pakulo because there wasn’t much activity going on. There were no participants during the first 2 days after it was launched.

I was surprised when I got back online today. The comments were flooding ūüôā I basically spent hours reading comment posts and checking out links, but I really enjoyed it. I have started tallying points this evening and I didn’t realize that it is going to be a tedious process!

Allow me to update you with who is leading the pack. The top 3 participants with the most number of points up to this writing time are:

1.¬† Jared’s Mum (Bulacan)

2.  Shengkay (Hongkong)

3.  ImRiz1  (Manila)

Oooops they are not winners yet, okay? There are still 3 weeks before the contest ends so you still have a chance to catch up. Keep earning those points!


Just to clear something about the rules… the “LIKE” button I am pertaining to is¬†NOT the FB “like” button that you find near the “tweet” button. I am talking about the “LIKE” button with a “yellow star” sign on it. That is found at the end of the posts, just before reading the comments. And this applies to WORDPRESS USERS¬†only, because you need to be logged in to WordPress before you can click it. If your account is not in WordPress, then forget about it. The clicks on the FB “like” button do not get points. Sorry for the confusion.


My Bday Give-away!

Hi guys! A month from now, I’ll be celebrating my birthday and as a treat to all my followers and site visitors, I’d like to launch a contest here on my site. And I’m giving away…

Yup, a hundred dollars will be given away to the lucky winner! (The sponsor will be disclosed later). The amount will go straight to your bank account! For Philippine residents, the equivalent amount in pesos will be remitted.

So are you now excited to know the contest mechanics? Here it goes…

1.  The contest is open to anyone, as long as you have your own blog site. Participants should be at least 18 years old. A bank account will be necessary, but the details will not be taken from the participant until he/she is declared the winner.

2.  Point-system is going to be used for this contest. Each participants will given points for each site activity.

3.  5 points are given if you post about this contest on your site and invite your friends. If you have multiple blog sites, each post will be given five points. I need to know that you own several sites so the points would collect under one name only. You can mention that on your posts.

4.  4 points are given if you subscribe to the site. If you are a previous subscriber and is joining the contest, the points will be given to you.

5.¬† 3 points will be given for posting a comment on any of the previous posts on this site. If you have commented before, they will not be counted. Only comments posted after today’s launch will be counted.

6.¬† 1 point will be given for clicking the “like” button at the end of any of the previous posts. This part ¬†applies to WordPress users only.

7.  It will be difficicult to count the points if you have many usernames, so 1 username per person only. So if you are using different usernames for your multiple sites, I might not be able to count them as coming from one person only. The points will be separated into the different usernames.

8.  In case more than one person ties on the first place, I will choose the winner based on the contents of his posts and comments.

9.  In case the winner does not have a bank account, he/she will be contacted by email to arrange on how the prize will be claimed.

10. I will have the right to disregard or not count the points for certain comments and posts (eg. not related to the article, annoying)

11.  The contest will close on June 28, 2011 @ 12 midnight Philippine time. Contest winner will be chosen on 01 July 2011. The winner will be contacted by email to arrange on how the cash prize will be remitted.


Actually, this is the first time I am doing a contest on my blog and¬†I am not sure if I there are rules out there that I might be violating, or I should consider. I just thought that this is just for fun, and there’s no advertisements or products involved, so I guess there’s nothing wrong with this. But just in case, I need to know something, please email me at Questions will be entertained as well. Any feed backs will be highly appreciated!


This is my way of thanking you all.

So are you ready guys?! This is just for fun! The contest starts now!

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