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Weekly Photo Challenge: CLOSE

Five years ago, we celebrated the union of two lives.

But the celebration continues to this day.

Happy Anniversary, Mommy!

Inigo and I are truly blessed to have you in our lives.


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Happy Blogiversary!

I did not realize it. I have been blogging for more than a year now! Time sure flies when you’re having fun! My first post was dated 3rd of October 2007, and so I should have celebrated my first year anniversary in the blogging world a couple of weeks back. But nevertheless, here’s my anniversary post to celebrate my blog’s birthday.


I never thought I’d ever develop an interest in blogging. When one posts his writing, he actually opens himself to the world. There’s a tendency for people not to like what you write, and you may get criticisms. But I had very good feedbacks and comments during my first few months of writing, and that I believe made me encourage to continue blogging. Since then, my site has generated readers (and new friends!).


In the last twelve months that I was blogging, my site has been a witness to the changes that were happening to my life. My wife had an operation. My first baby was born. I taught in nursing school. I moved to the UAE to continue my nursing profession. I wrote not only my ups, but my downs as well. People reading my posts have started to know more about me and my family. My life has become an open book to the world.


Thanks to everyone who stops by on this page and leaves a comment. It would be no fun without you, guys! I hope that you learn and gain something with what I write. I apologize for not being able to post more often. My shifting schedule makes it very difficult to post often, but I do wanted to write about a lot of things. I hope that I will be able to post more in the coming year.


Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday to my blog!


Our First Year

A year ago on this day, I was waiting at the altar for my bride to come. When she finally came in, flowers came falling down from the heavens. She walked down the aisle while the enchanting music of Lea Salonga’s “Two Words” was playing. Our guests in the church just looked at her in complete astonishment. Didith was a perfect bride.


People started shedding tears, and there were goose bumps all around. I saw smiles and happiness. Witnessing that, I felt an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, knowing that the people around us were happy to see us come to this point.


As I stood there watching as my lady walked towards me, I thought I was going to faint, as I was showered with all the nicest of emotions, that my heart cannot contain anymore. I was a very proud groom.


Looking back, I realized how much we have grown over the year, and that there is still so much ahead of us.


Today is our very first wedding anniversary.

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