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Giving is the best Communication

This heartwarming Thai commercial has made thousands of people weep.

This is worth the share.

Credits to True Move H.


The Three Funniest People

I love to laugh. I think everyone does. And so when I see a person that’s totally entertaining with his jokes and antics, I am the happiest person.

So here goes my favorites: VICE GANDA, MICHAEL V and last but not the least MY SON!

pic from buzzexpress

VICE GANDA started out as a stand-up comedian in the Philippines. She (or he?)is now hosting a daily noon-time show in ABS CBN Channel 2 – “SHOWTIME!”. I always try not to miss any episode, just because I wanted to hear her daily jokes.

pic from

MICHAEL V started out as a rapper, but then he was discovered to be a funny guy too. He has a gag show in GMA Channel 7 – “Bubble Gang”. I don’t get to watch him often now because I am subscribed to ABS CBN the Filipino Channel only.

MY SON! He is another person that makes me laugh everyday. His cute antics and charm just makes my day – and he is doing that just by being self – no effort at all. I hope you are checking out his daily posts at IÑIGO BOY.


Imagine a World Without Nurses


Imagine, if you can, a world without nurses. A healthcare system so debilitated it’s unrecognizable. When nurses disappear so does patient safety. Insist on safe nurse staffing levels. Because it’s our registered nurses who put the care in healthcare. (A TV Ad paid for by the California Nurses Association, National Nurses Organizing Committee, United American Nurses and Massachusetts Nursing Association)

Found this video on Facebook. Just during my last night shift, I had 7 patients. I wished I was able to give the best possible nursing care I could give to my patients, but there’s simply not enough time for each and every patient under my care.

I know that the hospital where I work in addresses this issue, but there are really just times that work overloads. And during these times, I pray a lot for my patients to be well and avoid complications during my shift.

I just wish that all nurses from across the world are given just the fair amount of workload, not because it’s fair for the nurses, but I believe, it’s for us to be fair with the patients.

Go, go, go nurses!


Where I Was

CollapsedTowersSo where were you eight years ago on this day when the 9/11 attacks happened?

That time, I was working as an emergency room nurse in a small Eastern Saudi province called Ras Tanura. It was in the wee hours  of the morning when it happened. There were no patients that time, and the tv was on at the waiting area. Flash news started appearing on all channels.

I was working with some Muslim colleagues that shift, and I will never forget their comments about what’s happening in the United States. They said it’s good for the Americans. And that they deserved it. I wondered what they were thinking why they hated the U.S.  so much. Thousands of people were dying, and they could say something like that.

Two weeks after the incident in the U.S., I had to fly home to the Philippines passing at FIVE airports. I experienced long queues at airports because they had to be strict with all passengers, especially those coming from Saudi. Luggages had to be opened and hand carried bags could contain only limited stuff.911

I took a shuttle bus from Dhahran Airport to Bahrain Airport. From there I took a plane with connecting flights in Dubai and Hongkong. I stayed in Hongkong for two days before I reached Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

And that’s my story. Wala lang, nakuwento ko lang! Hehe!

(photo credits:,


Excellent Coverage by ABS-CBN

tvAs much as I wanted to become part and witness yesterday’s funeral of one of the greatest Filipinos ever lived – President Corazon Aquino, my hands were tied to being an OFW in another country. For me, it was history taking place and I want to be there.

But thanks to the modern times, the latest technology allow Filipinos from across the globe to watch as-it-happens, the latest in the funeral of the late president. ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel made it happen by providing live feeds from the Philippines.

The whole day, I was just sitting in our living room, watching on TV, as the coffin was moved from the Manila Cathedral to Manila Memorial Park. It was my first time to watch a funeral like that – the people on the streets were fervent with their emotions and the full military honors given at the memorial park was so moving.

caI should say, ABS CBN did a very good job in covering the entire event. The cameras were strategically and artistically placed and the live studio anchors and field reporters did a splendid performance. I was so amazed by how they were able to plan all these before-hand with such little time to prepare. It was an excellent coverage, and thousands of Filipinos outside the Philippines who watched it on TV via The Filipino Channel surely appreciated this effort by the broadcast company.

Kudos to ABS-CBN and the people behind this. Thank you for keeping the Filipinos around the world updated. It was as if we never left our country.


The Surigao Archaeological Golds

sash1One day in 1981, a bulldozer driver named Berto Morales stumbled upon several pieces of golden belts, cups, earrings, pendants and necklaces. He unearthed them while he was doing some clearing operations on a land that will be used for an irrigation project. His life changed after that and rest is an amazing history.

This story was part of the documentary program, Probe, hosted by Cheche Lazaro. The Filipino Channel has been showing some of the best episodes of the Probe since Holy Thursday and this afternoon’s episode was one attention-catcher. I knew later from the internet that this particular feature was shown sometime last year.

The show presented Berto’s story about the golds that he accidentally found in Surigao. He sold some of these golds, and some he left to a Surigao priest, who also sold them one by one.

The golden pieces were believed to have been made between during the 10th and 13th century. In that case, these golds were already worn by our ancestors even before the spanish colonialists found our country. These artiftacts speak of how our ancestors lived during the old times.the-belt1 According to some historians, the colonizers found the people in our country as having ornamented by golds from head to foot. Our country was very rich in gold that our ancestors used them in trades. Even before the pre-colonization period, our country already have a sophisticated civilization. This is something to give us a sense of identity and pride as a people.

The Zobels (of the Ayala group of companies) realized the importance of these pieces in our cultural heritage, so they tried to locate the pieces and bought them one by one. They did not get the complete collection but those that they were able to buy are now displayed at the Ayala Museum, and some at the Central Bank of the Philippines.

I was not the type who’s into golds, as I would only buy a few small pieces to bring home to my family members whenever I go for vacation to the Philippines. Saudi gold was a common pasalubong item and my mom just likes having pieces whenever I come home. But I was in complete astonishment with the Surigao golds. They were intricately designed, and the fact that they were a thousand year old, they were priceless.

The archaeological gold collection in the museum are now considered the largest in the country, as well as in the rest of the world. Nothing of this scale and magnitude has ever been seen before, according to Dr. Florina Baker, former curator of the Ayala Museum.

I googled to check whether I would find some pictures of the gold on the internet, and luckily found some on sites that also discussed the said items. I am posting them here and I hope that other people would also discover our rich culture. I am very proud of our heritage.

I promised myself that I will visit the Ayala Museum on my next vacation to the Philippines. I am just crossing my fingers that the people there would allow me to take pictures of this magnificent collection, our national treasure.

Kudos to the Probe team and Cheche Lazaro for a very in-depth and interesting documentary.


To watch the Probe episode on youtube, click HERE.


Iñigo means “Strong-willed”

inigo111I was in a Filipino restaurant today around lunchtime, waiting for the take-out order I made earlier. The big TV in one corner was showing Karen Davila’s show “Wondermom” on The Filipino Channel. What hooked me to watching was their feature on a baby named Raphael Iñigo, a namesake of my baby.

Raphael Iñigo was a “blue baby” when he was born. That means he has a congenital heart problem. On his eighth day of life, he had to be operated on his heart. At the end of the operation, Raphael Iñigo started bleeding from everywhere – from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Two liters of blood came out. The surgeon have then decided to tell the parents that the baby had enough of the surgery, that prognosis was very poor.

But Raphael Iñigo survived the operation. And today, he is about 2 or 3 years old ( I am not sure coz it was not mentioned on tv). But as I saw him, he looked very well like an ordinary toddler. He was laughing and playing around, and he does not look like he had that much ordeal when he was born.

According to host Karen Davila, his name’s meaning actually defines his character. Raphael means “God-healed” and Iñigo means “strong-willed.”

When we chose Iñigo as our baby’s name, we didn’t know that this was one of the its meaning. I think we chose the right name.  Iñigos are the brave ones.


My Reflection for Christmas

It is barely a week before Christmas.

I was trying to wrap some gifts this morning, while watching the early morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda, when the news about the fire in Pasay City hit me. Around 250 families were left homeless after the blaze destroyed a squatter’s area in the said city yesterday afternoon. What struck me further was when the fire victims were interviewed, and appealed for some basic stuff for them to be able to live decently – water, food, banig, blankets and used clothes.

My heart just sank watching a young couple embracing and comforting each other while looking at their burning house. An old lady was teary-eyed as she told the reporter that she has nowhere else to go. The children were hungry.

What if this unfortunate event happens to us (knock on wood!)? And it is barely a week before Christmas…

Just last week, I wrote my last post about the many blessings I received this year. I tried counting the wonderful gifts from God, and I found it difficult to stop counting after I realized that I was indeed blessed with countless miracles. But then, after enumerating and appreciating all these blessings, where do I go next?

Sometimes we tend to complain about the holiday season. There is so much traffic. It is difficult to get a ride. The malls are so crowded. The schedules are so hectic because of the number of Christmas parties that need to be attended. New clothes need to be bought for the occasion. Etcetera etcetera.

The fire yesterday in Pasay City made me reflect on my blessings – that I should not merely count them, that I should not just appreciate them and thank the Lord for them. I think I should open my eyes wider and look at the people around me. Not everyone is as blessed as I do, and some does not even have the most basic stuff that I am enjoying. I am sitting here at the comfort of our living room, on the carpet watching tv and at the same time typing on my laptop drinking coffee – while there are people outside whose stomach are crowing.

I saw some aetas asking for some alms along the busy roads of Meycauayan – they do not have a decent place to sleep in. Some of my patients might not even get out of the hospital in time for Christmas. My work colleagues in Riyadh who did not get to come home this December are surely missing their families. Some of my friends who lost their loved ones this year, will surely be having a not so joyful Christmas. Carlo Cruz, who lost his wife in the Glorietta 2 blast, will be longing for the warm company of a spouse this cold holiday season.

I know I cannot change the world, and I cannot make every living creature in this place comfortable. But I think it would help if I start in myself being contented in what I have, and stop whining about little things. The world is not perfect and not everybody gets a very good life. I am lucky to be alive, with all the wonderful blessings around me. I may not get all that I wanted in this life, but I am getting what I needed. I think that is more important.

The holiday season is a time to share our blessings with the less fortunate – not just the poor – but to those who might be needing other than physical gifts. Some might be needing just a simple company, or somebody whom they can talk to. Some might need a hug and be reassured that things are going to be okay.

Let us, in our own simple ways, contribute in putting up smiles this Christmas season. Share a piece of yourself, a piece of your blessings.

Have a blessed Christmas.


Wishful thinking over yesterday’s boxing telecast

Just like you, guys, I watched yesterday’s boxing rematch of Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera. It was one hell of a fight! Pacquiao promised a war and what a war he gave! Our pambansang kamao was stronger and faster than ever. The baby-faced assassin, on the other hand, showed all the signs of an old fighter.

I have read lots of articles about yesterday’s match. They all talk about Pacquiao’s heroism. Para maiba naman,can I just comment on how GMA Channel 7 presented the much-awaited event? I have watched Pacquiao’s matches when I was abroad and watching the whole event would take only less than an hour. I nearly got bored watching the delayed telecast yesterday, especially since I already knew from the internet who was going to win. The long parade of commercial advertisements after each national anthems and after each rounds was quite irritating. Nakakabawas ng excitement yung mahabang paghihintay ng palabas.

I knew about the paid viewing  scheme in some restaurants and movie houses where one could watch the event with lesser interruptions. But of course, the masa would prefer to watch in the tv because it is free. And since they were not paying, they have to settle on how the tv network would present this momentous event to them. GMA7 would of course grab this golden opportunity to get all the advertisers for their own good. Where’s the “Serbisyong Totoo” there? Business as usual.

I know that broadcasting networks thrive on paid advertisements. Pero sana lang, special events such as yesterday’s match are presented in a more reasonable way – where the valued viewers are given more importance over the profit that they can get from the show. And that the quality of the viewing pleasure is an immense concern.

Haay, wishful thinking lang po!!

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