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Running the Race

My Fathers Day inspirational story feature. Credits to fancyboyproductions. I hate to say it, but this video made my eyes teary.

 Happy fathers day to all the dads out there!

In one of the most memorable races in Olympic history, Derek Redmond of Great Britain finishes his 400m Semi-Final crying on the shoulder of his father. He tore his hamstring during the race and fell on the ground in pain.

But he was determined to finish his race. He got up and continued running on the tracks while limping. He was badly injured, so his father pushed through the crowds to come and help him. They finished the race together with over 65,000 people clapping on standing ovation.

Derek was last in the race, but first in the hearts of many. That was 1992, and nobody remembers now who won the gold during that race. But Derek Redmond’s name and his father will be remembered forever for this inspiring triumph.


Go Torres! Go Philippines!!

 Ei pips! Let us help Marcos Antonio Torres be the first Filipino Olympic Torchbearer since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics! We can do that by voting for him! Just click the link He is currently ranked in the 12th place and 2008 Beijing Olympics only needs 8. He needs some more votes. Let’s help our fellow Pinoy achieve this dream for our country! Go Torres! Go Philippines!!


Wishful thinking over yesterday’s boxing telecast

Just like you, guys, I watched yesterday’s boxing rematch of Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera. It was one hell of a fight! Pacquiao promised a war and what a war he gave! Our pambansang kamao was stronger and faster than ever. The baby-faced assassin, on the other hand, showed all the signs of an old fighter.

I have read lots of articles about yesterday’s match. They all talk about Pacquiao’s heroism. Para maiba naman,can I just comment on how GMA Channel 7 presented the much-awaited event? I have watched Pacquiao’s matches when I was abroad and watching the whole event would take only less than an hour. I nearly got bored watching the delayed telecast yesterday, especially since I already knew from the internet who was going to win. The long parade of commercial advertisements after each national anthems and after each rounds was quite irritating. Nakakabawas ng excitement yung mahabang paghihintay ng palabas.

I knew about the paid viewing  scheme in some restaurants and movie houses where one could watch the event with lesser interruptions. But of course, the masa would prefer to watch in the tv because it is free. And since they were not paying, they have to settle on how the tv network would present this momentous event to them. GMA7 would of course grab this golden opportunity to get all the advertisers for their own good. Where’s the “Serbisyong Totoo” there? Business as usual.

I know that broadcasting networks thrive on paid advertisements. Pero sana lang, special events such as yesterday’s match are presented in a more reasonable way – where the valued viewers are given more importance over the profit that they can get from the show. And that the quality of the viewing pleasure is an immense concern.

Haay, wishful thinking lang po!!

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