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Blind Devotion

A touching story of love.


Bob & Kim: Hallmark #PutYourHeartToPaper

Bob and Kim have been married for 56 years. They were recently asked in private to reveal their true feelings for each other for an upcoming Valentine’s Day commercial. Bob’s reply is brutally honest and unexpected, Kim is floored, and her reaction is shocking. This video is compelling and couples of all ages should learn what Bob and Kim discovered.


Merry Christmas!


From the chilly hills of Al Ain City, UAE, Merry Christmas everyone!


Marriage Retreat

0_0_0_0_524_349_library_145837My wife and I recently went on a “marriage retreat” as probably part of my renewal as a person. We stayed overnight in a hotel with 24 other couples, and listened to guest speakers who have so many things to say about love, marriage and family.

We were actually told by the organizers that we are not supposed to post pictures, especially on Facebook, so I wouldn’t be posting pictures from the retreat here. We were also told to just keep to ourselves what we learned there, so what I’m going to write is about my insight on the program.

I’ve always known, even before getting married, that family life is not easy. Coming from a poor family, I was a witness to my parents’ struggles. My father had to work abroad, away from his family to support us. My mom had to ran a small business to augment my father’s earnings. I always knew that when I get married myself, things could be the same.

My own married life had its ups and downs. But I was just so glad that my wife and I were able to breeze through the challenges successfully. In our sixth year of marriage, we have somewhat hit a certain balance – emotionally, physically, financially.

And when I thought I knew everything about married life – I was wrong. There are still so many things to learn, to know, to experience. Listening to couples who have experienced the worsts in married life, I slowly understood what it really meant to be a husband and a father.

The marriage retreat was like a renewal of our vows. I feel there’s a lot of change with the way I look at married life and how I would deal with the challenges. I know that the future is uncertain, and that I could not see where our path would lead, but I am confident that God is with us and that His will for us is that we be together. He will give us what we need to face that future.

I highly recommend a marriage retreat especially for couples who need more guidance on how to handle their relationships.  I thought I was good. Now, I know I can be better. I can improve.


Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE

Yesterday, my wife and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. During our last anniversaries, we would be dining out and I would hand her a small gift.

But this year, I was on a night shift, for Pete’s sake! So we decided to have the dinner on another day. And the gift? I thought of something priceless and timeless. And this was what I did…

This video was supposedly on a “private” mode, so I’m really sorry for my non-Tagalog speaking readers, because the music is in Tagalog. And because this week’s photo challenge theme is CREATE, I’d like to share this with all of you.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: CLOSE

Five years ago, we celebrated the union of two lives.

But the celebration continues to this day.

Happy Anniversary, Mommy!

Inigo and I are truly blessed to have you in our lives.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: SUMMER

Hey guys, I’m back! I was away for about a month, and I definitely missed a lot of blogging and photo challenges.

I traveled to the Philippines to attend to my brother’s wedding, and also to take a short vacation from work. I just got back last Friday.

I’m glad about this week’s photo challenge theme, SUMMER, because that’s what I just did – a summer break!


For this week I’m taking you to JED’s ISLAND RESORT where we spent a day having fun – eating, singing, swimming, and taking pictures. A great way to spend summer!

Jed’s Island Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Bulacan. There are so many activities that can be done inside the resort, aside from swimming. A family can rent a videoke machine, and can also go for boating, fishing and horseback riding. There’s a place for billiards and basketball.

The kids will love the different characters scattered around the resort.

A great place for shutter-happy like us.


Swimming time!

What a lovely day!



Weekly Photo Challenge: ARRANGED

It’s my day off! I’m used to getting up early so I decided to prepare our breakfast.

And so while waiting for my small family to wake up, I decided to take some shots. I remembered this week’s theme for the photo challenge 🙂

scrambled egg with chicken frank sausages

buttered pancakes

french toasts

regular loaf bread

beef bacon

fruit slices

Table is ready 🙂

Now, it’s time to wake the guys up 😀

Have a great day ahead, everyone!


A Day in Paradise

It was my wife’s birthday.

She only wanted a simple day.

But how could I just let that day pass without even a simple celebration. And because  I couldn’t bring her a dozen roses, I brought her to a million flowers – to a place called “paradise.”

Get ready to treat your eyes…

Al Ain Paradise is a garden park in our city which opens only during spring – a time when flowers  are in full blossom. It holds the Guinness World Record for the largest display of hanging flower baskets.

I dedicate all these flowers to you 🙂

Happy birthday, Mommy 😀


Our Love Story

A repost from last year 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone 🙂


I would say all couples have their own love stories. The story of how they met, how they started liking each other, and how they ended up in the altar. Ours was nothing unusual except that I met my wife when we were 10 years old.

Yup, you read it right. We were only 10 years old when we first met. That was in school.

We were both transferees from different private schools. Our parents both decided to move us to a public school where tuition fees are lesser. And so we met, on the first day of that school year. We were in Grade 4.

I couldn’t remember much but all I knew was I liked her already. I tried to be close to her so we ended up as very good friends. Our classmates started to tease us, and as a shool-aged boy, I would feel embarrassed. But then we remained good friends and would end up sharing school stuff like notebooks and crayons.

The following year, we started a project called “Friends Comics”. I would draw some cartoons on folded A4s, and she would do the same. We stapled our work together, and our “comics” was born. I think we can call this our first “baby”. It was a weekly thing and our classmates (even our teachers) would pass the comics along until everybody has read it. I designated myself as the “editor” and she was the “assistant editor.” (Click HERE for the post about Friends Comics)

This “publishing” relationship continued until we were in Grade 6, and I never realized that we were developing something more. When we graduated from grade school, I thought I’ll never see her again. But destiny lead us to the same place for high school and we became classmates again.

We got the same teasing from our classmates, and because we became teenagers already, we felt embarrassed to be teased on. And so to avoid being picked on by our classmates, we started avoiding each other – physically. But how can I resist her? I secretly sent letters to her, through her bestfriend. I would ask her how she was doing, how her studies was, and how her family was. And she would answer back. We maintained our friendship secretly. And this was for the rest of the high school years.

I wrote a poem for her entitled “When I see your smiles”, and had it published in our school paper. Nobody knew it was for her.

When we graduated from high school, we started to part our ways. She took up Civil Engineering in college, while I got admitted for Nursing in another school. We got busy in our respective studies and the exchange of letters became less frequent. Snail mail was to be blamed for getting late news about each other. I had my own relationships and she had her own.

Our paths separated the more after graduating from college. I worked from one local hospital to another trying to find my place, until I got a job in Saudi Arabia. She also started working locally after graduating, until she was sent by her company for training in Japan.

The use of internet was already becoming popular during that time, so the exchange of snail mails was replaced with exchange of emails. We got to chat through YM every now and then.

I was in Riyadh, she was inJapan. The distance did not hinder us from becoming close again. Thanks to the internet.

On one chat session, I felt it was time. I do love her and my feelings for her is ripe for the picking. And although I was hesitant initially to speak to her about it, for fear that our friendship might be at stake, I still expressed my heart’s desire for her. And without thinking twice, she typed  “Y-E-S!” The feeling was mutual! That was February 19, 2005. Our love for each other was affirmed and that was the start of a lasting relationship.

We met in the Philippines later that same year. It seemed everything has changed between the two of us, as the relationship is now more than friendship. But we treated each other the same – like old best friends needing each other’s companion.

To cut the story short, we finally tied the knot on the 23rd of June 2007.  We never knew when we were 10-year-olds that we would end up later as husband and wife. Of course, at that age we wouldn’t be thinking of marriage yet. But what I knew that time, was that I found the person I am most comfortable with, and that I wouldn’t mind having her around for the rest of my life.

Ah, I would always remember that sweet little 10-year old girl! The notebooks. the penmanship. The comics. My bestfriend. My childhood sweetheart. Now my wife.

And to end this short story of ours, I’ll leave you with this final line –

“And we lived happily ever after…”



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