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This Rude Diner Lashes Out at an Autistic Boy. How did the People React? Awesome!

This video was taken from an episode of What Would You Do?, a reality show aired by ABC that setup actors in public places with hidden cameras all around. The actors are instructed to provoke some sort of conflict or illegal scenarios, and viewers watch how the public reacts. Whether they interfere in the conflict to do the “right thing” or they simply walk away from the situation.

This particular scene was taken in a New Jersey diner where a group of actors appear in a scenario that depicts a family having lunch with their autistic child. Also, in the scenario is another actor playing the role of a bad-mannered diner who’s acting incredibly rude towards the mentally-impaired boy. He will start the conflict by lashing out at the child and his family while other diners are trying to eat.

How did the people react to the rude diner’s behavior?

Watch the heartwarming video:

When the actor starts castigating the kid and his parents, it was very heart-warming to see these compassionate strangers stepping up against the rude man to defend the embarrassed family. Ultimately, they were able to drive the bully away from the restaurant much to the delight of everyone.

After this scene, host John Quiñones came out to inform the diners that they’ve been on a hidden camera show. He interviewed some of the diners who made a significant stand against the bullying and asked them about their reactions when they stepped into the situation and did the right thing.

It’s amazing to know that in this kind of situations, there are still strangers out there who are willing to make a stand on what they believe is right. How about you? What would do you if you find yourself in a similar situation?


Nurse Has A Precious Way Of Soothing His Patients


Jared Axen of Valencia Hospital in California is definitely a one-of-a-kind nurse. What started as casual singing in the halls of the hospital has turned into a precious way for Axen to spend time soothing his patients. When Axen realized how many patients were coming out of their rooms to listen to him singing in the hallway, he thought his voice would be an incredible way to uniquely connect with patients. This touching video follows Axen as he sings to an elderly woman named Norma Laskoske. Her reaction to his beautiful voice is truly heartwarming.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Axen told reporters about the experience of singing to patients: “It’s an incredible way to be able to bond with somebody.” It’s clear from this video that the bonding taking place is affecting Laskoske in a big way. Axen has worked at Valencia’s Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital for over five years and his musical talents have been a huge blessing on both the patients and the staff there. He’s earned himself the name “The Singing Nurse,” and frequently takes requests from patients for songs they wish to hear.

Here at SF Globe, we love sharing content that puts a smile on our faces. We hope you enjoy watching this sweet nurse and his interactions with patients. We sure did! Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below after watching!

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