“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

A moving speech on climate change. I just felt that this has to be shared.

Philippines delegate Naderev (Yeb) Saño, announces his decision to go on hunger strike on the first day of the COP19 Climate Change Summit in Poland, 11 November 2013.

Making an impassioned plea for action by the conference, he said that he would be fasting in solidarity with his country-folk until action to prevent climate change is forthcoming.

Saño received a standing ovation after describing the hardship suffered by Filipino’s, including members of his own family, due to the “colossal” typhoon Haiyan which recently hit his country.

credits to Rod Harbinson.

3 Responses to ““If not us, then who? If not now, then when?””

  1. November 12, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Climate Change (formerly called Global Warming) has always been with us. It’s not going to go away.

    It’s a well-known fact that climate comes and goes in cycles, although you wouldn’t know it from all the histrionics evidenced by the press and other media who parrot whatever is giving them without doing any actual investigating into the matter.

    It’s also a well-known fact that there hasn’t been any significant warming on the planet in some fifteen years. That’s the real “Inconvenient Truth.”

    I understand and sympathize with what just happened in the Philippines and other places throughout the world, including here in the States. But:

    Things aren’t going to change by going hungry.
    Things aren’t going to change by taxing carbon usage. That will only enrich the globalists, who already have more money than god.
    Things aren’t going to change by talking about it.
    Things aren’t going to change by media hysteria and hype.
    Things aren’t going to change through the use of unsubstantiated propaganda.
    Things aren’t going to change by the use of bad science, such as has been evident in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” nonsense. The only change evinced from this has been to make Gore a multi-millionaire.
    Things aren’t going to change by fudging the data, as NASA has been caught doing more than once. (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2011/05/13/NASA-Gets-Caught-Faking-Climate-Change-Data-AGAIN)
    Things aren’t going to change by fudging the data, as New Zealand has been caught doing. (http://www.moonbattery.com/archives/2009/11/warmists_caught.html)
    Things aren’t going to change by fudging the data, as those involved in Climate Gate have been caught doing.
    Things aren’t going to change by buying into the Kyoto agreement and others like it. Well, things will change all right: the globalists will have even more power than ever before.

    Things just aren’t going to change.

    The weather is as weather does: it changes from day to day, from season to season, from year to year, from decade to decade. It just always changes.

    In short, Climate Change, AKA Global Warming, is not going away.

    Have you ever noticed that when Global Warming was exposed as a fraud, the globalists changed the name from Global Warming to Climate Change. However, they are using the same old tired lies to try and frighten the world into global governance.

    I have joined in prayer for the people in the Philippines. In fact, prayer and the return to God may be the only thing that can save a nation. It is certainly the only things that can save an individual.

    I hope you understand I am not taking away from the suffering of your people because of the recent storm, anymore than I would take away from the suffering of those victims of the SE Asian tsunami several years ago where three-quarters of a million people lost their lives, if I remember correctly.

    A loss of life, property and injury and suffering should never be taking lightly, but Climate Change (Global Warming) is a political issue. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather. Just follow the money that is being/has been poured into it and you will see.

    Those who have looked into the matter beyond the hype have discovered these things for themselves.

    I hope I’m not off-base here but it pains me to see the lengths people will go to in order to try and sway the public to what ends up being global governance.


  2. November 12, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    I would like to ask Cris: What’s wrong with aiming to reduce carbon emissions? Why do we have to rely on fossil fuels when we can work on using alternative renewable energy sources?
    Sure, the weather changes all the time. There have always been typhoons and dry seasons. Our records show that over a long period of time the typhoons become more frequent and severe. The dry seasons also become more pronounced. Australia had always bush-fires. However if the days with extremely hot temperatures plus very, very strong winds become more frequent, I think we should really start to think whether our way of life is not a contributor to the increase in those events.


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