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Up to the neck

I was coming back into the unit after fetching a patient from the recovery room. I was pushing the bed with a patient on it, when one of my other patients saw me on the corridor and asked if I could bring some towels for him. I told him I would come back for him.

After bringing the post op patient to his room, I plugged all the pumps and the bed and gave him the buzzer.  I gave him some post op teachings and quickly did some post op assessments. I then needed to document all these things in the computer. I needed to fix his file as well.

I was about to start documenting, when a co-nurse called. I was told that one of my patients is in severe pain and so I need to give him something to relieve his pain. Unfortunately, that co-nurse of mine was just kind enough to check my patient’s buzzing, and look for me, but was unable to give any medicines because she was quite busy herself.

I was on the way to the patient who was in pain to assess what kind of pain he has, when one of the patient relatives stopped me and asked some help to get her father off the commode. She said her father has been waiting for a nurse for a while to help push the old man out of the bathroom, but everyone seemed to be very busy.

The phone then rang and when I answered, I was asked to fetch my patient in Endoscopy. I requested the person on the other line to keep the patient for a couple of minutes more because I was still very busy, but I was told that they could not do that because the patient was so hungry and needs to come back to his room.

I needed some help but the charge nurse was busy as well, and all the other nurses were all drowned with their patients as well.

When workload is up to the neck, what should you do?

1.  Be calm.

2.  Do things one at a time. All tasks will be accomplished one by one.

3.  Be ready to give polite excuses for the delays of service.

4.  Never lose that smile on your face.

5.  Pray hard not to get interruptions anymore.

6.  Cross your fingers and wish yourself luck.

7.  Remember payday.

8.  And if everything else fails, there’s always a window where you can jump 🙂


This line I got from Facebook today:

 True strength of character is not just calculated by how well we manage to carry sizable loads under challenging conditions,but is perhaps better measured by our ability to remain kind and lightspirited even when we’re sure that we can’t bear the weight of one more ounce of life.


BC Bloggers 3

Inviting all bloggers out there to join BC Bloggers 3. This is going to be the 3rd launch and I’m sure this will spell lots of fun. Interested bloggers should sign in the application forms by going to Paula’s site HERE.


Nurses Ball

Nurses Week is over. Our noble job continues.

Here’s a peek to our Nurses Ball held last night to cap the Nurses Week.  This was held at the Rotana Hotel here in Al Ain.

Thanks, Roger for some of the pics.


A Salute to the Teachers!

The national elections in the Philippines is finally over. I believe that despite the isolated cases of election failure in certain places, the first-ever automation of elections in our country was a success.

This will not be possible without the relentless efforts of our dear teachers who went out of their way as teachers to become Board of Election Inspectors. They truly are the heroes of the nation.

It was everybody’s first time to use the new automated system, particularly the use of this PCOS machines, but they tried their best to keep the elections in order.

Congratulations and I salute you all. Cheers!



To the mother of our baby

No one person can ever experience all that life has to offer. It is only through sharing - experiences, feelings, insights - that we can hope to grow beyond our own meager lifetime.

Nurses are tough people. But behind great nurses are inspirations to keep them doing what they need to do - TO CARE.

Nurse or non-nurse, please feel free to move around the site. Everybody needs inspirations to be encouraged every now and then.

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