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The Nurse is Sick

It is already a given – nurses take care of sick people. And having the duty as such, nurses are expected to be at the best of their health to be able to take care of somebody else’s health.

But then, nurses are humans too. And they do get sick. And when that happens, I always feel that it is best for the nurse to stay home and rest, rather than force himself or herself to come to work.

Some nurses still do try to come to work despite not feeling well initially. Some reason out that they do not want to cause lack of staffing for the shift, that they do not want to make absences as it will reflect in their yearly performance evaluation, or simply saying that they still can work despite being ill.

I think that coming to work when one is not feeling well is a serious matter. A nurse’s job requires us to be alert and vigilant with patient’s conditions. We should also be in our clear minds (not drowsy after taking flu medicines) when we give our medications to our patients. And the patient themselves expect us to take care of them, and not them being worried that the nurse looking after them is also sick.

And what happens if the sick nurse who came to work, will feel that he cannot continue the shift because his condition is worsening, that he has to go home now. But unless another nurse comes in to relieve him, the co-nurses around will be left with additional patient loads, as the allocated patients of the sick nurse will be distributed to the remaining nurses on duty. And that means additional workload to the normal load of the other nurses. Good luck to the quality of their nursing care.

I wish all charge nurses understand that. So that when a staff nurse phones in, and informs that he or she cannot come to work because he or she is sick, he is not left with harsh words like “What? You’re sick? Oh my God, what’s going to happen with my staffing…” or something like that.

If the nurse is sick, let him rest. At the end of the day, it’s patient safety we are all after.


my new toy!

Hey guys, I got a new toy! It’s a new laptop!

My old Acer pc is already 4 yeard old. The battery pack has given up and requires me to be always connected to the AC whenever I use it. And so I couldn’t just carry it anywhere without a plug.  It has slowed down a bit and starting up requires some time. He really needs to retire now.

Yesterday, I got myself a new DELL Inspiron 1012. It’s a small netbook with a red top. I haven’t explored all the features, but for those who are planning to buy a new laptop, I think this one’s a good buy.

DELL Mini Inspiron 1012 is a perfect mobile companion. It has 9.5 hours of battery life. Processor is 1.6GHz Intel Atom N450. It weighs 3 pounds only and measures 10.6 x 7.7 inches. Hard drive is 160GB only, but I don’t mind much coz I use lots of external hard drives.

I think DELL has to give me credit for this unpaid advertisement 🙂


Back to Life

Whew! It’s been more than a month that I have not posted anything in this site. That was a long time for me, considering that I consider blogging as part of my life. Writing has been a passion and not being able to do so was like I was stagnant for a while.

It was not because I did not have anything to write. As a matter of fact, I got lots of stories to tell. But all had to slip off my mind after I got busy after coming back from vacation. Work had been very strenous lately.

But looking at the hits and stats, I still had lots of visitors here. Thank you so much to everyone who never ceased to drop by and check out if anything is new.

But although this site slept for a while, I was able to continue updating my son’s site. His site has lots of followers too and they were all eager to read something about him. My relatives back home were also using the site to be updated with what’s latest with him. And so I had to continue posting pictures and stories for him.

So here I am back to writing. I hope I’ll be able to make up and be able to post more this year. I plan to make major changes in the lay out and content. That is something to look forward to. Please welcome me back 🙂

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