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Hail Storm!

This video was captured using my digital cam!

Early evening, I was with my wife and baby, plus a couple of friends, and we were riding a small shuttle bus on our way to a mall, when a fierce hail storm met us on the way!

It started out as a sand storm and we noticed that the streets became full of dust. It was followed by rain, then suddenly we heard loud noises coming from the roof of the bus and from our windows. There were some hails like pieces of ice coming from the sky! They were like the size of a cashew nut!

The wind started to become strong and we saw some trees starting to fall down. Our bus stopped on the side as we waited for the hail storm to finish. It was not my first time to experience hail storms, but it was my first time to experience it while I was on the streets, with my wife and baby. I feared that the window glasses would get broken, or worst, the whole bus would turn over because of the strong wind.

Luckily, the storm didn’t get any worst, and we continued our journey when it was safer to move. We reached our destination safely. It was one experience to remember.


Where I Was

CollapsedTowersSo where were you eight years ago on this day when the 9/11 attacks happened?

That time, I was working as an emergency room nurse in a small Eastern Saudi province called Ras Tanura. It was in the wee hours  of the morning when it happened. There were no patients that time, and the tv was on at the waiting area. Flash news started appearing on all channels.

I was working with some Muslim colleagues that shift, and I will never forget their comments about what’s happening in the United States. They said it’s good for the Americans. And that they deserved it. I wondered what they were thinking why they hated the U.S.  so much. Thousands of people were dying, and they could say something like that.

Two weeks after the incident in the U.S., I had to fly home to the Philippines passing at FIVE airports. I experienced long queues at airports because they had to be strict with all passengers, especially those coming from Saudi. Luggages had to be opened and hand carried bags could contain only limited stuff.911

I took a shuttle bus from Dhahran Airport to Bahrain Airport. From there I took a plane with connecting flights in Dubai and Hongkong. I stayed in Hongkong for two days before I reached Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

And that’s my story. Wala lang, nakuwento ko lang! Hehe!

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