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My Probationary Period Ends

Time flies so fast! I had finished three months here in my new workplace! And yes, my 90-day probationary period ends today. I will now just wait for the evaluation that will be handed over to me by my unit manager.


Looking back, I feel I have grown a lot in terms of career. As a neurosurgery nurse, I was initially scared of my specialty being lost in a general surgery set up. I was forced to learn more cases beyond my specialization. Now, I am able to deal not only with neuro cases, but with other gen surg cases as well, such as plastics, vascular, orthopedics, optha, ENT, and urology.


I also feel that although I am still adjusting to the new work environment, I have started settling in. I am able to work comfortably with most of my colleagues (not all of them though coz there are still some whom I still need to really relate to). But I guess in general, my colleagues has started to consider me as a useful staff. When I was just starting, I felt I was a pain-in-the-ass coz I asked a lot of questions. But now I can say that I am able to perform my job independently (with lesser questions :)).


My flat has slowly transformed into a “home” over the last three months. When I came in here last June, my unit was just a place where I could sleep and rest on my offs. But now,  my flat has a tv, an internet connection, a videoke system with speakers. There are picture frames, candles, clocks and throw pillows. The kitchen is complete with the utensils, and I have bought a rice cooker and a microwave oven. My place is now a place where one can relax, unwind and live comfortably.


I have also gained new friends here. My list of friends and acquaintances gets longer and longer everyday. I feel that the world will not run out of nice friends as long as I try to be nice to other people, too.


I can only hope that my evaluation report comes out well. Personally, I feel that I did well in my first three months here, not only work wise but in terms of adjusting to the new environment in general. According to my self evaluation, I passed! And that counts a lot! 


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