Computer Training, Malling and Preparing for my Party

Computertrainingforweb Today was the last day of our Hospital Information System (HIS) Training. We breezed through the basics of the hospital’s computer system, and I was able to pass the assessment test in the afternoon.


Our two-day trainor was a Filipina, probably on her late forties. I was supposed to be proud knowing that a kabayan is heading a computer training program for nurses, but sad to say, I feel the other way around. She had difficulty speaking the English language. Her grammar was most of the time incorrect, and more often, she does not finish her sentences and left the listeners hanging in the air. She talks very slow and her discussion was not at all lively.


I am no good public speaker too, I admit that. But she accepted this task of speaking to a multi-cultural audience, who more often than not, speaks very fluent English with all the accents and all, she should take time to study the language, and read a lot on public speaking.


I think I should admire her guts for taking the courage of speaking to a non-pinoy audience, knowing that she can not speak straight English. She tried her best though, and I think this made her way to reach the position she is enjoying now. Okay, I’m proud of her now…


After the sessions, the guys agreed to check out Al Falah Mall. We have not been there, so we decided to visit the mall while we have extra time in our hands. We knew going out together like this would be very difficult in the future, when our schedules would be most of the time conflicting.


I started buying stuffs for my little birthday party next week. “Little” because it will not be one of those parties I held inRiyadh where lots of dishes were prepared and lots of guests were expected. I am only planning to cook dinner for my UAE batch mates. I am thinking of cooking spaghetti, rice and a meat or veggie dish perhaps, a desert or a cake, and some drinks. 

I might do my party on June 26, instead of the 28th, because I will be working night duty on that day. It’s also better since the 26th falls on a Thursday, which is the start of the weekend here (like Friday back home).


I think I need to prepare a checklist for the party so I won’t miss anything. I’m already a pro in coordinating events so I’m sure I will be able to hold it without much worries. I think I should try the events organizing business, what do you think? Hmmm….


3 Responses to “Computer Training, Malling and Preparing for my Party”

  1. June 22, 2011 at 4:56 am

    Self development and growth is now being promoted here, so that when Filipinos go out of the country they won’t have difficulty in adjusting and speaking in public. Many hospitals are requiring trainings before they could accept you, and continuing education is mandated by law right now. She must have been anxious that time speaking in front of many people in a foreign land.

    I have stage fright before, which was so terrible that I can’t speak in front of an audience. But we were taught to speak, and after a semester of rigid training, my classmates always tell me that I’m one of the best speakers they listened to. But I still have some stage fright left.


  2. June 24, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    hey why not? you are very good in events organizing business… grabe di carry ang dami mong talent! hehehe!


  3. 3 kat
    June 28, 2011 at 7:59 am

    oo nga daming talent ni Nelson…anyway, natawa naman ako doon sa Pinay na lecturer nyo…baka nman tense lang sya kasi may pinoy na nakikinig hehehe…baka akala nya eh mga foreigner ang audience nya so it doesn’t matter if wrong grammar sya hehehe.


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