Thursday Madness

AssessToday is the last of our orientation days, and I am having the last of the series of tests given to new hires.


I woke early to review my lectures a bit. I was lucky to have saved some articles related to Physical Assessment in my laptop. I was not really scared with this last practical test because I have been doing this procedure several times. Add to that, this topic was part of the lecture I gave in Bacolod City two months ago. It was when I invited as guest lecturer for local board exam review sessions in the Visayas region.


So it was not really a big deal, except that I had to take note of how they do the procedure here in this hospital.


Before I went to the training center, where the test will be conducted, my colleagues and I went to the HR department first to get our IDs activated. When I start working next week, I need to get my ID and my index fingerprint scanned by a machine, in order to get into the get into the main hospital, as well as to log in my attendance. High tech, huh! We had our fingerprints recorded in the system, and so now, we are officially Tawam employees.


I also went to see the person who’s arranging for my cash advance, but she told me that the paper was still not signed, and that I should just comeback later during the day. Damn! I don’t have anything in my wallet except for a bunch of cards.


We were a bit late going to the training center, as we had to wait for the next bus going there. But the lecture did not start, until we came. The afternoon session was the practical exam part, and I was able to breeze through it successfully.


Let me mention that we all received a new stethoscope today! I have been wanting to buy one, and I was just so glad that I did not have to purchase one, as it will be very important in my everyday work.


I finished my exam a bit early so I  went with Miller to pick up our uniforms at the laundry area. We collected for Remyr and Roger, too. Before ding that, I dropped by the Admin building to see if my cash advance was ready. And Walah! I got my money! I was trying to get for Remyr, too, but the lady refused to give it to us because she needed Remyr’s signature. Remyr was still in the training center doing his physical assessment test.


After resting in my flat for a couple of minutes, the boys went to Chiotram for some grocery shopping. But before doing our shopping, we ate first at a small Filipino-Chinese restaurant in front of Chiotram. We had Beef Asado and some veggies.


After doing my grocery, I felt some stomach upset, so I decided to take the first shuttle going home and just texted the rest of the boys that I needed to hurry home as I was not feeling well. I think the shrimps on the food that we ate got me!


After relieving myself at home, I decided to go the recreations center for some internet surfing until 10pm. After that, I went back home and fixed the groceries to the kitchen cabinets.


I tried to fix the shower curtain pole that went off few days back, but the superglue I bought just won’t work with the tiles. Hmmm…


I had a long day.


And that goes my day.


3 Responses to “Thursday Madness”

  1. June 22, 2011 at 5:41 am

    Don’t you just love reading back on these old posts? You have really gone through a lot!


  2. June 25, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    whoa! I can see you are really allergic to seafoods! hehehe


  3. 3 kat
    June 28, 2011 at 6:49 am

    kung ano pa yong masarap, yon pa yong ayaw ng bituka mo…tsk tsk…


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