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The Year That Was

AirplanedepartingLast May 2007, I arrived in the Philippines after resigning from my work in the Middle East. I spent seven long years there. I visited my motherland two to three times a year though, but I usually stayed only for about a month. Deciding to come home and stay here for a while was a major decision then. I knew I will be facing another chapter in my life. 

Looking back, I realized I have been here in the country for more than a year now. This is my longest 365 days in seven years. And I can say, I have done a lot more in my life than when I was abroad.
 After arriving in the country last year, Didith and I started preparing for our planned wedding. We only had about a month until the wedding date, but the vigorous preparations paid off. We were very much satisfied with how the wedding turned out. It was one of the grandest day in my life. 

 We moved to our new home in AntipoloCity and started living a happy married life. We bought a lot of new furniture and made a lot of fixtures for our love nest. 

 Shortly after the wedding, I was called to start teaching in the nursing school where I graduated from. Being a clinical instructor was a new career for me. I initially thought I am not the teacher-type. But then, after taking the job, I started to like it, and found teaching in the hospital setting a very rewarding job. I worked in different hospitals in Bulacan and followed up third and fourth year nursing students who were taking up their clinical affiliations.

 Another new twist in my nursing profession was when I got a post for being a Nurse Lecturer for students who were reviewing for the local board exams. I also thought that public speaking is not my cup of tea. But after speaking with audiences of about 200, I was able to contain my stage fright. I have composed my self-confidence. Another good thing about this was that I was able to travel to different provinces for free.

 I started my website in October. Blogging was a whole new idea to me. It made me discover a lot of things about myself and the people around me. It has become an outlet for my inner self. Aside from this blog, I am also managing two other blogsites – iñigo’s first journal and

 20112007012The news that my wife was conceiving our first baby made November my best month of the year. Realizing that I was going to be a father soon gave a new meaning to my existence. I knew I was evolving to a new and more mature individual. The plans I had set for my self has become plans I had set for my new family.

December was a great time for me. It was my first Christmas in the Philippines for several years and my first Christmas with my new family. I attended some parties and also helped organized one of the best Bautista clan reunions. 

My wife was operated on her ovaries while carrying our baby last March. It was good to be at her side during these times. She recovered well and has gone back to work.

 When I resigned from my work in the Middle East last year, I had strange thoughts of how it will be like to work and live again in the Philippines. But now, I would say, I have no regrets. The last twelve months of my life has been one of the best years in my life. It is this year when I finally grew up.
Sad to say, I am leaving again very soon. It is a difficult decision but I know that this is for the best interest of my family. Leaving has become more difficult after experiencing the best timesof  my life here in the country. But then, life has to go on. 








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